Pagosa Springs and the Hot Springs!

We make our way south from Telluride earlyish. I use the word ‘early’ loosely… When we are on the road we rarely get on the road before 2 pm so leaving around noon is early… We get to Pagosa about 5 and the sun is just starting to go behind the mountains. We have a few hours to kill and Pagosa Springs is known for its hot springs. Everytime we mention Pagosa people say, “Did you visit the hot springs?” and until now we always said “no”.. But I can now happily say we have been to the hot springs and it was just what a back that’s been sleeping on floors needed! When I heard springs I expected some sort of rock landing with water spewing out of the ground… But it was really nothing like that… It was a nice resort type place. They had tubs indoors as well as outdoors on the roof. The roof was pretty crowded but it’s still sweet to check out the sunset and stars over the mountains while soaking in the tubs filled with spring water. After a couple hours of soaking our tired bones we head to the venue. The Bear Creek always takes care of us. The staff there is super friendly and the locals are awesome too. We play a long 4 hour set and then we hit the road to head back to Austin. That does it for the Colorado tour. It’s been a blast as always and if we weren’t heading back to Austin it would be hard to leave! 23 hours and we are home! Hooch over and out!

Salida: A last minute show to remember!

New Achachay! Fan in Salida!

Today we are traveling from Preblo, CO to Telluride, CO. We got a late start and didn’t get out of town until about 2 PM. We have a night off so we decided to stop in Salida to see a friend of ours Ty. We met Ty through couchsurfing a couple years ago and have been tight ever since. We also decided since we had the night off we should see if we could find a place to play. We hit up a couple of bars and they were all very receptive to live music but were booked. There was also a place with a patio that we could play on. But playing a show in 20 degree temperatures didn’t sound too appealing… The last place we popped in was the Tenderfoot. Ryan did the talking and the Bartender Mary was more than happy to let us play. We decided to go have dinner and make a decision about whether we were going to play a show or drive across an icy mountain pass after dark. Looking back now, it seems like the obvious decision was to play the show… The show was awesome. We had the bar packed all night. People were dancing and having a great time just like we were! It was another one of those times where we are on tour and randomly things come together for an awesome night of music. We will definitely be back in Salida. A big thanks to the Mary’s at Tenderfoot for having us play. It was such a blast!

This is a new fan Kenny that seems to be thinking deeply...

Let’s get Motherloaded


The Motherloaded Tavern in Breckenridge was our last gig on the most recent Colorado tour. We had so much fun there that we’ll be playing it again on February 18th, around 10p.

To kick it off, our buddy Ty from Gunnison drove up to party with us. Sweet. Then right before the show started three friends from Austin surprised us at the bar! My buddies Harrison, Andrew, and Bryant, whom I’ve known since elementary school, just happened to be in town that weekend for a ski trip. They wandered into the Motherloaded Tavern earlier that day and were told an Austin TX band was playing that night, so they came back to check it out. At the time they didn’t have a clue it would be us.

This weekend happened to be the “Dew Tour” weekend, which means that Mountain Dew and a bunch of other companies build a halfpipe in the middle of town and bring in a bunch of snowboarders to do crazy cool stuff in front of audiences in town and on the mountain. It also means that Motherloaded was packed. People danced on the tables from the first song, and didn’t stop until the end of the night.

Apparently Breckenridge can be a fickle town, so the bar encouraged us to only take one small break during our three hour set. Forget that, we said, we’re playing straight through. So we did. No breaks, three hours. People going crazy dancing on the tables the whole time. Ty and his friend flipping each other around like crazy swing dancers.

We stopped playing and people cheered and cheered. “Keep going!” People, we just played for three hours straight. “Ok, if you’re still yelling for us by the time we get back from the bathroom, we’ll do one more song.” I tell them. In the toilet two rooms over, I can still hear them yelling. They kept at it. So we decided to keep playing.

One more song. “Keep going!” A guy hands some money. “At least one more!” OK, we’ll keep going. The crowd had started to thin out at the end, but now people are filling up the place again. The place packed out, so we kept playing. 45 more minutes, until the bar had to legally kick people out!

What a crazy fun night. We had lots of offers for places to stay, but at that point it was two days til Christmas and we did what we always do at the end of a tour, no matter how far we are from Austin, no matter how late in the night it is. We hopped in the van and drove all the way home.

Breckenridge – come out and party with us on February 18th! It gets better every time.


Quixotes: Bring the funk!

Old friends from Stillwater

Old friends from Stillwater

Quixotes is what you would call a ‘Dead’ bar. Not ‘dead’ in the sense that it’s no longer an establishment in the community. ‘Dead’ in that every decoration on the wall (and there are hundreds of decorations) is in some way tied to The Grateful Dead or the Jam Band Culture that revolves around it. Everything from old concert posters to paintings of Jerry Garcia are represented. As you can imagine this makes the venue feel like a flashback to a different psychadelic time. This is our second time at Quixotes and this time around we played with local Denver funk band ‘In Due Time’. It was such a fun night of music. With fiery vocals and a funkin’ awesome horn section ‘In Due Time’ kept the crowd shaking their booties. To add to the musical excitement of the evening the ‘In Due Time’ horn section sat in with us on ‘Rock People’ and ‘Get Funky’. Man horns really make our songs more dynamic. So sweet…
I also got on stage with ‘In Due Time’ to help sing ‘Superstitious’ by Stevie Wonder. It was so much fun. The whole night was just great. I had several old friends from different times in my life show up to the show and that was really just icing on the cake. So as you can tell I love Denver and I think it’s safe to say the other guys do too. Thanks to my friends, our fans, and ‘In Due Time’ for making it an awesome night. Until next time Hooch over and out!

Shug’s a Smacking Success


Hanging out at Kate's after the show

Wednesday we played Boulder, one of my favorite towns. We hit up a new venue called Shug’s and it is a sweet place – nice stage, good sound, probably the only place in Colorado you can get Abita and Dixie Beer (its got a Cajun theme). The crowd definitely grooved and played along nicely with all of our participatory moments. The stage was also big enough to allow me to exercise my jumping muscles to the fullest extent.

The show was awesome, with our new friends Smack Thompson laying down sweet Colorado jams in the style of Phish, String Cheese, Grateful Dead, etc. Unfortunately I missed the first half of the show because I was… looking for the van.

Hooch and Ryan parked the van, and they didn’t get me the most precise directions. It was also really cold. I wandered around for about fifteen minutes until finally Hooch met me to ostensibly guide me to the parking spot. Yet, we still wandered about fifteen more minutes until we found it!

Ryan being silly

RyOther highlights of the day / night included:
- Friends from the deep histories of our lives coming out to rock with us, including Camp Olympia, Elementary School, college, New Orleans, and more.
- New fans we met in Winter Park came to see us play again!
- Getting to attend a pre-game mediation session with Julie & friends

We can’t wait to be back on February 11th at the Dark Horse!

Pagosa Springs


Pagosa Springs is a beautiful town in the mountains of Colorado. Because we have been to Pagosa and played at The Bear Creek Saloon several times I totally feel at home there. It’s pretty awesome in that we really didn’t know anyone in Pagosa Springs before we played a few shows and now we have a solid fans and friends that come out to our shows. There is a stange dynamic in Pagosa because it is a small tourist town. You will have a mix of people that are in town for the hot springs or the rafting as well as native ‘Pagosans’. That being said every time we play the crowd is responsive and just a ton of fun regardless of whether it’s tourists or ‘Pagosans’. This time around we met some new friends through couchsurfing. Our new friend Jarrett and his family welcomed us into their home and we had yet another great couchsurfing experience. We had great food and spent time sharing our stories about traveling and playing music. Really great times in Pagosa Springs. This is yet another one of those places that is very hard to leave… That being said we have to keep moving on to the rest of Colorado! Hooch over and out!

Overcoming with Optimism on the road to Winter Park


The booking game is a crazy world… we finally confirmed the show that was supposed to happen on December 10th exactly ten days before it was to occur. On December 9th, I got a call from the booking agent saying that their email account had gotten hacked and he never confirmed the show, so we were SOL.

Luckily, we have been through this before and applied the Achachay! spirit. Focus on the solution, see the opportunity and make the most of whatever is in front of your face. After a few phone calls, it became apparent that nothing would happen that night. I’d have to wait until the morning.

We woke up at the usual time and I started calling all the bars in Winter Park. At first I got the usual run-around, but when I mentioned “We’re an awesome Austin TX funk rock band that got our show cancelled, do you want us to bring you an awesome show TONIGHT?” or something similar, they get things moving.

The Winter Park Pub came through in the 9th inning and opened their arms… not just a place to play, but a decent last minute guarantee, free food, free drinks. The show ended up being packed and well received. The staff was cool, and we’ll definitely be back! Even though Hooch and I both felt a little sniffly and hoarse, we played a top notch performance and had a great time busting out some covers we haven’t done in a long time. We closed off a three day weekend of 4-hour-a-night performances with gusto and energy.

We’ve been shown time and time again to keep the faith. In spite of whatever circumstances life throws your way, maintain an optimistic outlook while working hard to achieve whatever your objective is. Almost every time we’ve done this, the result is better than what we expected from the original plan. Even if it isn’t better, the experience is beautiful.

To top it off, we all three got to sleep in individual beds at the family place of a buddy I studied in Ghana with. We got to meet some of his family and catch up on six years of traveling, craziness, and life. All in all, a phenomenal day.

Durango a Go Go


the set list for the night

The first show on this mini-Colorado tour was in Durango at our favorite spot to play: the Summit. On Thursdays the Summit does $2 draughts and wells, so you can imagine the kind of crowd we got. Overall it was a very fun show with a lot of dancing and grooving. Colorado has a great vibe in general, and the Durango vibe is one of my favorites: people just want to have a good time and enjoy some great music in the company of friends.

After the show we headed to a small after party where we got to know some of the locals a little better. A funny side note: the girl who invited us to the party was so drunk that she had no clue who Jordan was when he started talking to her at the house. Hah!

We also couchsurfed with some new friends who were great as well. Andy and his roommates were great to hang out with the morning after and took us a great local restaurant for the largest $5 hamburger I’ve ever had. Another successful show in Durango. We will be back!

Oklahoma City, the last show of Western Tour

Two Jennifers jumped on stage to take a pic

Two Jennifers jumped on stage to take a pic

Catching Up on Blogs: Liza writes about Oklahoma City

The drive from Tulsa to OKC is fairly short, so we arrived at Hooch’s old friend Autumn’s home with time enough to have a proper meal and veg. out before the show. Autumn’s mom cooked us a delicious feast of spaghetti, with four little sauce pans to choose from, so you could bask in whatever flavor your heart desired.  This was also the first time in what seemed like eternity that I had access to spinach and a variety of fresh vegetables that I had only dared to dream about during my car-naps in the van… a higher level of bliss cannot be desired.

Autumn’s household is home to really interesting and kind people, including  a pair of twins – a boy and a girl – who absolutely adore Jordan.  The Jordan worship, is not without cause, as he spent the entire time between dinner and the show chasing the kids through the house, giving piggy-back rides, and promoting helmet safety.
Since Oklahoma is Hooch’s old stomping ground, the OKC crowd was full of old friends and new ones were made quickly.  The Belle Isle Brewery was brimming with energy during the show, and even though it was a short one due to time constraints, I’m certain Achachay could have played ’till the break of dawn, as the crowd would have danced and danced as long as there was music to be danced to.
As we were packing up I started realizing that this was it, the last show of the Western 2011 Fall tour. It felt sort of weird, at least it did for me.  You get used to a certain type of living, and our little brains aren not wired to grasp the transience of our experiences… So I put off those thoughts for another hour, as we agreed to go back to Autumn’s and make banana pancakes and eggs before setting off on the homeward bound trek back to Austin at 4:00am central time.

College Bar not just for College students….

One of my best friends Coleman and I

One of my best friends Coleman and I

What can I say about The College Bar in Stillwater, Oklahoma?  Well for starters it was my favorite bar in Stillwater when I lived there... We always have a great crowd even on a Monday night which is amazing. As far as this time at the College Bar it was business as usual. We had a fun crowd including a big group of my friends. Playing for old friends always makes a show more fun for sure. The show went great aside from a moment when I was playing Jordan's guitar on 'Fight for Your Right' and it decided to stop working. Jordan and Ryan kept going with the song while I tried to get the guitar working to no avail. After the song ended Jordan figured out the issue (only Jordan knows how to fix his set up...) and the show went on without a hitch. It was once again just a great time with old friends and new friends in Stillwater and it is always a pleasure to come back to another home away from home!

Angry Ryan

Jordan and Coleman

Achachay! on a small couch

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