Ft. Collins Round 2 “The Vault”

We had a day to relax between our Ft. Collins shows. So we hung out at Blatt’s family friends’ place. I’ve gotta give a big thanks to Debbie and Adrian for their hospitality. Especially Debbie for cooking for us and letting us raid her kitchen!  We also spent quite a bit of time watching music DVDs in Adrian’s man cave.  Good times.  After our day off, Blatt and I spent the day touring and hanging out at a couple of the local breweries. First we took a tour of the New Belgium brewery. You might know New Belgium for their Fat Tire and Ranger IPA beers. New Belgium is a really cool self sustaining company and if you haven’t tried their brews you should! I recommend the Ranger IPA. So tasty! There are a few pics from New Belgium at the bottom.  After New Belgium we headed up the road to Odell brewery. We were there too late for a brew tour so we just tasted a few of their brews and made some new friends. After a day of tasting the local beers we headed to The Vault for the show. The Vault is named appropriately because it’s an old bank and you can actually hang out in the vault. The Vault has a great room with high ceilings and wood floors that makes sound really come to life even without amplification. The only down side is we have to play a much quieter in this type of room. We still made the most of it and had people movin’ and groovin’. We had several familiar faces from our Monday night at Hodi’s. It’s very cool to see fans coming out again and again. Makes it feel like we are starting to achieve our goals of establishing fan bases through out the US. It’s been an awesome 3 days in Ft. Collins and it gets harder and harder to leave every time we come back. Unfortunately (for Ft. Collins) we have 4 more weeks of shows! Hooch over and out.

Ry Hooch New BelgiumHooch CutoutBlatt Cutout
Ryan hula

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